UTM instruction

1. Basic setup instructions

The link on the Rosetta.ai component will carry the UTM settings for rosetta
The source and medium will be fixed values
utm_source (source): rosetta
utm_medium (medium): rosetta-component
Advertising campaigns and content will change according to the component type
carousel component
utm_campaign (advertising campaigns): carousel
utm_content (advertising content): minimalist halter dress
bannerModal component
utm_campaign (advertising campaigns): banner-modal
utm_content (advertising content): You may claim your $300 rebate for buying dress over $3000 in the store (determined by custom labeling at the time of installation)

2. Inheritance of inherited resources

If the users enter from another source, the UTM on the component will inherit the resource so that the ecommerces know exactly where the users went through the ad.
One day, Rosie scrolled through FB and noticed that rosetta was advertising the dress. She was trying to pick out a nice outfit for a date, so she clicked on the Facebook ad and entered the rosetta main page, which the URL at this time is: https://rosetta-utm-example?​
utm_source : fb
utm_medium : ad
After looking around the page for a while, she suddenly saw the rosetta.ai carousel component and thought that the dresses rosetta.ai recommended were exactly the type she liked, so she clicked the dresses immediately.
utm_campaign=carousel&utm_content=minimalist halter dress&utm_medium=rosettacomponent&utm_source=fb→rosetta
utm_source : fb / ad -> rosetta
utm_medium : rosetta-component
utm_campaign: carousel
utm_content : minimalist halter dress
After Rosie entered the product page, she slid and looked around it for a long time because she was wondering if she had enough budget to buy this product. At this moment, the rosetta.ai bannerModal component identified Rosie as a hesitant customer. Rosetta, meanwhile, was having a sale on dresses and the component popped up in the Modal, saying that you may claim your $300 rebate for buying dresses over $3000 in the store, so she clicked on the campaign and studied it for a while.
At this time, the URL of the campaign page was: https://rosetta-utm-example/campaign/dress?
utm_campaign=banner-modal&utm_content=You may claim your $300 rebate for buying dress over $3000 in the store&utm_medium=rosetta-component&utm_source=fb→rosetta
utm_source : fb / ad -> rosetta
utm_medium : rosetta-component
utm_campaign: banner-modal
utm_content : You may claim your $300 rebate for buying dress over $3000 in the store
Rosie browsed for a while and finally picked out her favorite dress. She bought it and imagined that she would go on a date in her chic dress.
--The inherent resource will be combined with the inherent medium to become a new resource and inherited.
--Inheritance will continue
--The same resource won’t be inherited.

3. Setting adjustment

UTM default on
--The component link won’t have utm related parameters after turning off
UTM inherits default on
--The component will not inherit from the previous resource after turning off