Shopline product feed
To get product feed link, Shopify users have two ways:
1. Directly get your product feed link.
You only need to add “/product_feed.rss” after your URL.
2. Get product feed link on Shopline dashboard.
Step 1:Sync product catalog to Facebook. First, sync your product catalog to Facebook, go to the Shopline backend, click on Internet marketing and tracking on the right, then click on advertising placement at the bottom, and check all five options that appear on the right.
  • Click "Marketing"in the list on the Shopline dashboard, and click "Advertising service" to check all options.
Step 2:(When your products successfully uploaded on Facebook)Click "your product". Next, click "Check your product on Facebook",the page will turn to the Facebook dashboard.
Step 3 : On Facebook "Catalog management tool",click "Data Sources"and then click" SHOPLINE Products"
Step 4 : Click "Setting" on the right, please copy the product catalog URL from Shopline , and provide us to obtain catalog authorization.
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